to fill

a cavity

at the medical post


awarded to micro-lending


420 Students

awarded financial aid

and scholarships

for education


terminally ill patients

served by Hospice

of St. James


meals served in

mission soup kitchens

Kunkleman Group 8
A Gift of Turkey, Another Home Blessed

Story by Dan Kunkleman, group leader of Providence Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, NC. “Dan, there is a lady here with a turkey in a bag who wants to see you.” Fairly uncommon to hear in the US, but not in Peru. Traveling … Read more >

Wilder Benites — Home at Last

When 17-year-old Wilder Benites woke on that fateful day in 1987, he had no inkling of the enormity of events that would begin to unfold. His family home, rapidly engulfed in fire, left Wilder with severe burns to his face, … Read more >